Our children deserve a great education in a safe environment. Raising the standards of schools across the state through local empowerment and close parent-teacher collaboration is a top priority for Zach. We must ensure that we retain the best educators and give them the support we need, while giving parents the ability to guide their children's education along the course that best serves each student.
Mental Health
There is a mental health crisis here in Georgia, and it affects everything from our educational system to crime and drugs, to the cost of healthcare. This crisis calls for a comprehensive system of solutions to tackle addiction, treat those who cannot function effectively in society, and to reduce the stigma of simply asking for help.
Public Safety
Zach has stood on both sides of the criminal justice system as a prosecutor and as a defense attorney. He knows the key to keeping our families, schools, and communities safe is a trustworthy system with law enforcement who are a part of, and work with the community. Reforms such as bond reform are needed but must be undertaken carefully to ensure that dangerous criminals are not let out of jail to commit further crimes.